Dr. Hulda Clark and the Zapper

If you are thinking of buying a

Hulda Clark Zapper

read this.

See video of live protozoans being zapped.
Use of the "Hulda Clark Zapper" was first suggested by Dr. Hulda Clark in her books The Cure for All Disease and The Cure for All Cancers. Since its first use, there have been many testimonials on the Hulda Clark Zapper and its curing of illness such as multiple sclerosis, cancers, colitis, and even arthritis.

The original Hulda Clark Zapper circuit was designed with 2 properties in mind. First it needed to be affordable for the average person. Second, it had to output a square wave. Other important factors were ignored.

As a result, the standard Hulda Clark Zapper is not "All that it could be"

Fortunately, there are improvements which result in better products. Continue reading to find the difference.

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