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Introduction, Theory of operation, Frequently asked questions, and instructions

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I first heard of using the Hulda Clark parasite zapper to cure diseases from Wayne Green of magazine publishing fame. In an editorial, he expanded on the virtues of the Hulda Clark Zapper and its ability to cure diseases. For a number of years, I heard little of the Hulda Clark Zapper until one spring, a number of the people in the office where I worked started coming down with the flu. Everyone was missing 3 to 5 days and still not doing well. This continued for a few weeks, with the cycle repeating itself. The same people, including myself were getting sick over and over again. One person in the office appeared not to be catching the flu. Then one afternoon, he suddenly came down with the bug, leaving to go home. He returned the next day, feeling fine!

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When I asked him his secret, he handed me a little hand built Zapper, claiming that it helped him stay healthy. Immediately impressed, I decided to try zapping and was amazed with the results.

Using the Hulda Clark Zapper, I removed the pain of a tooth infection in a day, broke colds and the flu, and have felt healthier since starting to use it. I also noticed later that my problem with IBS had been helped by zapping. This is among many other things that it has helped me with. Use of the parasite zapper was first suggested by Dr. Hulda Clark in her book The Cure for All Disease.

Not being a doctor, I can not prescribe the Hulda Clark parasite Zapper to you, nor can I guarantee any results, but I do believe in its effectiveness in reducing the effects of illness. There are many testimonials on the Zapper and the curing of illness such as multiple sclerosis, cancers, colitis, and even arthritis by zapping. Many other testimonials have been removed or forced off of the internet by the FDA and the FTC. At one time, there were many thousands on a number of different sites.

The information on this page is offered for the purpose of preventing unnecessary injury to those who decide to try the zapper for their own purposes and should only be considered as a safety guide.

How does the Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper work? The study of Radionics suggests that all organisms are susceptible to certain frequencies of electromagnetic energy. A vibration of 5 Hz will kill chickens due to resonance of their skull cavity. Many bacteria and viruses are affected by frequencies of 300 kHz to 450 kHz. Protozoa, roundworms and flatworms are affected by frequencies between 350 kHz and 500 kHz. Molds appear to be affected by lower frequencies of around 80 kHz to 220 kHz. Individual species respond to specific frequencies within these ranges.

While there are many versions of Zappers available, I have found that both 30 kHz and 2.5 kHz frequencies are important. Actually the greater the number of frequencies that a zapper can produce, the better the chance of finding a frequency that can really help. Some zapper sellers like to offer 1 kHz for use with zappicators. However, I do not because I have tried a number of zappicators and have never found one that actually works. Why multiple frequencies? Each frequency will have different frequency spectra and this allows a more direct effect on killing microbes, etc. Our current least expensive model, the ParaZapper™ 6-Pack offers 14 frequencies in 6 different modes at a price far lower than most dual frequency zappers. Our best offers over 270 frequencies in 24 modes.

All Hulda Clark Parasite Zappers produce a square wave output. This square wave is composed of all odd harmonics of the main frequency. These harmonics effectively stretch up into the megahertz range, which is where parasites are affected. The 30 kHz frequency produces a range of frequencies that are 60 kHz apart. The 2.5 kHz range produces harmonics that are 5.0 kHz apart. Because each harmonic is weaker than the previous, The lower base frequency produces much smaller amplitudes than the 30 kHz units at any given frequency.

According to information available from the study of "Radionics", bacteria such as anthrax, chlamidia, shigella, and e. choli have spectral responses between 392 and 398 kHz. This would be near the 13th harmonic of 30 kHz, and near the 157th and 159th harmonic of 2.5 kHz. The 13th harmonic has an amplitude of 1/13th of the main frequency and the 157th harmonic has an amplitude of 1/157th of the main frequency. The tradeoff of amplitude vs. closeness to the needed frequency has to be weighed in considering desired results.

Some believed that the higher the frequency, the greater the skin effect. That is higher frequencies tend to travel along the surfaces of the body and lower frequencies tend to penetrate better. For this reason, many believe that the lower frequencies are more effective against intestinal parasites, urinary infections, and other infections that tend to occur in the various body cavities.

It might just be that the 30kHz frequency does not produce harmonics close enough to the parasite's frequency since its harmonics are 30 kHz apart while the lower frequency has harmonics that are only 2.5 kHz apart. Regardless of the reason, many users feel that the 2.5 kHz frequency is more effective.

Wrist Straps used by many Zappers are bad and even the best wrist straps are not real good. These straps and cords while being convenient, are made for antistatic applications and include a high resistance (1 megohm). This steals most of the voltage that the Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper puts out and makes it much less effective, especially those with coiled cords. Note: The straps and cords sold for the Para Zapper are low resistance to solve this problem. We also include an expansion plate for greater contact area.

Questions and answers:

The hardest question that any user might ask is:

Does it work?

I have tested its functionality "in vitro" and it does work. It kills or prevents growth in protozoa and bacteria. Identical prepared solutions of growth media we placed side by side, with one being zapped 4 times a day and the other not being zapped. The zapped media remained clear while the other control media became cloudy with bacteria and protozoa. If you have any doubts, try it yourself. In a trial test, Dr. Robert Thiel found that 97 % of participants reported improvement within 45 days (ANMA Monitor 2(4):5-9.1998). Video: Para Zapper killing Protoza.

A tremendous improvement is made in the ParaZapper multimode, multifrequency zappers as can be seen in the following image that shows that these zappers work better than any other zapper that you can find.

ParaZapper kills more microbes than others

I know, you are more concerned about how it would work on your needs. Well, if it works better on water, why would it not work better on other places as well.

Ok, so it works, how is it used?

The ParaZapper is easy to use. It is provided with two hand held "paddles" one of which is held in each hand while the Zapper is running. The Power switch is turned on and zapping continues for 7 to 14 minutes ( or longer in advanced zappers, if suggested by the timing for the mode that you are using). The unit is then turned off for 20 to 30 minutes. The process is then repeated for another 7 to 14 minutes (except for advanced zappers which have their specific timing). The cycle is the repeated a third time (minimum). Repeating 4 times produces even better results according to users. Dr. Clark recommended that the process be repeated once daily to prevent reinfection. Advanced, multi-mode, multi-frequency zappers have a slightly different operation which may vary by mode. For that reason, when using those devices, follow the instructions provided with the unit.

The LED on my zapper comes on, can I be sure it is working?

Yes, This is easy. Find an AM radio (FM will not work for this) and turn it on. With the zapper turned on, turn the tuning dial until a whine or squeal is heard. Turn the Zapper off and on several times. If the whine stops and starts with the off and on, then the zapper is working. Note: the LED is powered by the zapper outputs so if the LED is on, then the zapper is working. With ParaZapper 6-Pack, ParaZapper CC2, ParaZapperUZI-3, and ParaZapper MY-3 the status LED will appear yellow or amber if the unit is working correctly.

Is the Zapper safe to use?

Yes, however, you should not use any zapper or similar product if you are wearing a pacemaker of if you are pregnant. Do not over use or abuse the zapper. It is advised not to use a zapper if you have a metal stint implant in your heart. Always seek the advice of a medical professional with regards to any health issue. Zappers of various designs have been used over 10 years with no dangerous side effects. Use of the zapper may slightly lower blood pressure, for this reason, consult your physician if your are using blood thinners. Use of the zapper when metalic implants are present may cause irritation and other problems. This is especially true with stainless steel as it may leak nickel and/or chromium.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, extensive use of the Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper can kill beneficial bacteria in the intestine causing intestinal irregularity. Intestinal regularity can be restored by eating yogurt and drinking buttermilk. The contacts on the wrist straps may contain nickel which can cause skin irritation.

Is one brand of Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper better than another?

Yes, Absolutely, ParaZapper™ 6-Pack, ParaZapper CC2, ParaZapperUZI-3, and ParaZapper MY-3 provide a stronger output combined with multiple frequencies than many other zappers and uses less power from the battery thereby making the battery last longer. Otherwise, most zappers perform the same function, which is outputting a 9-volt square wave at some frequency. A lower frequency of 2.5 kilohertz is probably better for some parasites as discussed above. ParaZapper multifrequency zappers definitely produce better results as shown in the demonstration of killing microbes in the jugs of pond water.

Why copper Footpads ?

Just using paddles does not provide the best coverage
The 3 point positive system, using copper footpads produces better over-all signal>
Note: Only the stronger zappers have the power to support the footpads.

What happens to the parasites the are killed?

The bodies defense mechanisms have to clean up and remove the killed organisms. For this reason, you may feel fatigued throughout the day following zapping. Drink plenty of fluids and take it easy for the day.

Does it matter which paddle goes in which hand?

No, not really, we do recommend that you swap paddles each time that you zap. Red lead in the right hand one time, red lead in the left hand the next time.

Do I have to hold the paddles in my hands?

No, some people place them under their feet, others have sat on them. This should be acceptable as long as the paddles do not touch.

Should I feel anything while zapping?

While some individuals may feel a slight tingling, it is not necessary and certainly not a problem.

Can I get electrocuted?

No, not from the Para Zapper as the current output of the Para Zapper is limited by built in resistance. Also, the output voltage is less than 9 volts which is safe in itself. Never use a battery adapter or power supply that connects to AC power.


Since many allergies are the result of or are aggravated by certain parasites, relief can be obtained by removing these parasites.

IBS and colitis?

As Colitis and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) are frequently the result of certain parasites in the intestine, relief can be obtained by removing these parasites.

Note: The original zapper is not as effective at relieving ibs as it does not have the 2500 Hz frequency.


The case may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do Not soak or allow any water to get inside!

The paddles may be cleaned and shined with steel wool.

Recommended: Many users also wrap the copper tubes with a damp paper towel (using a solution of sea salt ) to keep the copper off of their skin. This also reduces resistance and applies a more powerful signal to you.


Do not use any Zapper type product if you are wearing a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.


The ParaZapperis not offered as a medical device and is not intended for such use. FDA approval has not been applied for. Therefore, these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This page is provided for informational use only and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.


While most users with metal implants do not report problems, there may be complications from zapping if you have metal implants. Para Zappercan not be responsible if you have any reactions or problems from the use of our products as the use of such is your choice.

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See our Video: Para Zapper killing Protoza.

Using the Para Zapper ™ parasite zapper

Battery Tapping?

The zapper works amazingly to kill microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and possibly even virus in water. Since the human body is mostly water, it would make sense that it would have possible positive effects. Our zappers range in price from about $109.00 to over $500.00, depending on the model and features. If you can not afford one, simply try battery tapping. While it is only about one tenth as effective as the best zappers, it can stop a cold or flu in its tracks but may not be as effective on other problems. To try battery tapping, simply wet the index fingers of both hands. Place the index finger of the left hand on one battery terminal and tap the other terminal as fast as you can with the right index finger ( the hands should not touch each other at any time ) for 7 minutes or longer. After the 7 minute or longer time, stop and rest for 20 minutes. Repeat the tapping for the same amount of time that you did the first time, stop and rest for another 20 minutes. Then repeat for at least a third time and if possible, a fourth time. It is important to understand that tapping for less than 7 minutes can have negative effects and that tapping less than 3 times can have negative effects. Do it correctly.

Note that it is important to do this at the first symptom of the flu or a cold because the zapper only stops the progression of these conditions. The zapper can not undo what has already occurred.

Also Note: that advanced zappers ( multiple modes and multiple frequencies ) often provide special timing so that the 7 minute on, 20 minute off protocol is less preferable. Follow the timing instructions provided with the zapper.

How Frequently should I Zap?

The frequency and amount of zapping depends on the individual, his / her condition, and the type and extent of illness being treated. Starting out, most users zap 1 session a day for the first 2 or 3 days. Afterward, users may zap from 1 to 3 sessions a day for 2 to 6 weeks. Once parasites have been reduced or eliminated, the need to zap is reduced. A user may zap once or twice a week after this to prevent re-infection.

How Long should each zapping session last?

Initially zapping is for 7 minutes ( except for advanced models ) with a 15 to 20 minute resting stage in between. This is repeated 3 times minimum for each session ( It has been indicated that 4 zappings per session may produce better results. ). After the first 3 or 4 days, the user may choose to zap for 14 minute sessions ( Some individuals zap for 7 minutes at 30000 Hz and then 7 minutes at 2500 Hz followed by a 15-20 minute break. ). In extreme cases, some individuals choose to zap continuously for a full hour. This is probably less effective than having the 15 - 20 minute resting stages in between zappings. There is probably no harm in full hour zappings. Zapping will reduce your natural intestinal inhabitants. It is important to drink buttermilk, eat yogurt, or take probiotics such as acidophillus to replinish this.

Can I eat or drink while zapping?

Always wash your hands after handling copper ( or any other metals ) before eating. It is recommended to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables for 2 hours before zapping if you eat at all during this period. Nothing except probiotic replenishment (Kefir, Yogurt, Smoothie) for an hour afterward, and fresh raw fruits and vegetables for the 6 hours after zapping. Why? When zapping kills microbes such as fungi that have infiltrated the intestinal walls, the dying microbes can leave microscopic holes that can take several hours to heal. This is generally referred to as micro-poration and usually goes away after a few days. It is also very important to drink lots of water before, in between, and after zapping sessions. It is needed to remove toxins and waste byproducts.

Why should I use salt water and paper towels or sponge pads?

The saline solution reduces the resistance of the skin surface and allows a stronger signal to reach your parasites. The sponge pads or even paper napkins help keep the copper off of your skin and to hold moisture.

How can I make the saline solution?

Sea salt is preferred and is available from most grociers. Mix one teaspoonful with about 4 to 8 ounces of warm water. Soak a couple of thin sections of natural sponge or paper napkins in this solution. Wrap around the copper paddles or place under the metal of the wristbands. Included with your ParaZapper is a small package of sea salt and two half paper towels to try this.

How can I get the most out of my ParaZapper?

1) Use your zapper regularly after initial parasite treatment. A couple of times a week is usually enough. This should prevent occurance of problems.
2) Use sea salt ( table salt will work ) to increase effectiveness. This will reduce the effect of skin resistance.
3) Always drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after zapping.
4) Get plenty of rest after zapping. Rest gives your body time to remove unwanted byproducts and to clean itself.
5) Switch polarity each zapping session. Use the red wire to the left arm on one session, and to the right arm on the next session. Parasites nearest the green lead probably get the least effect from zapping. Also, this tends to reduce any ionic migration effect that may be present.
Also, keep the green lead away from any part of the body as in any area that the green lead touches the parasites there will not be killed.
6) Using both frequencies will reach more parasites.
7) If you need to eat, eat only fresh fruit and raw vegetables for 2 hour before and 6 hours after zapping.
8) It is recommended to eat some yogurt or drink buttermilk a few minutes after zapping.
9) Use the copper paddles for better results as all wrist straps are less effective.
10) For even better results, use the copper footpads with the copper paddles.

What should I expect

After first zapping many individuals will either go through a phase of tiredness. Others experience slight diarrhea while some experience both.
Some have reported slight headaches, skin crawling, or itching skin. These conditions should not last long ( a day or so ). There have been rare cases of anxiety and heart racing.
Parasites that have died in the body leave debris that must be removed and the body may use a lot of energy doing this. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.
Also, the loss of intestinal inhabitants can cause diarrhea. Drink buttermilk, eat yogurt, or take probiotics.
After the first few days, many users will feel a surge in energy

Usual Steps to Zapping

1) Install battery if it is not already in.
2) Prepare your salt water solution. About a teaspoon in a cup of warm water.
3) Connect the copper foot pads if using them, copper tubes (paddles), or wrist straps to your ParaZapper.
(Do not use the footpads with wrist straps as serious burns may occur!)
4) Place paper towels (or cloth) which has been lightly wetted with salt solution around paddles or under metal plate of wrist strap.
5) If using wrist straps, put them on, one on each wrist.
6) On dual frequency zappers, select your preferred zapping frequency 30000 Hz with button in, 2500 Hz with button out.
On multi mode zappers, select the mode and follow the timing instructions for that mode.
7) Turn on power to your ParaZapper.
8) If using copper tubes (paddles) pick 1 up in each hand and grasp firmly. There is no need to clench tightly though.
. . You may place the paddle with the red lead against an area to treat it but use only one green lead and keep it away from the body.
9) When using single frequency or dual frequency zappers, normally, continue for 7 minutes to 14 minutes ( or as specified by the instructions if you have an advanced zapper ).
10) Turn your ParaZapper off. Set down paddles or remove wrist straps.
11) If using single or dual frequency zappers, Wait 20 minutes.
. . Otherwise, follow the instructions for the mode of the advanced zapper that you are using. 12) Swapping the red and green leads, repeat steps 3 through 11 above twice more for a total of 3 zappings.
It is strongly recommended that your complete at least all three zappings for a full session. (4 zappings may produce even better results.)

Using Saline Solution for Zapping

We send out a survey to our customers after a couple of months. The important information that we have received is that those who use the saline solution report better results. This would be true for any and all zappers. Not just ours.

Importance of contact area

We send out a survey to our customers after a couple of months. The feedback that we have received is that the larger the contact area, the better the results. The best results obtained were with copper footpads and copper paddles together. The poorest results are from using wrist straps. This would be true for any and all zappers. Not just ours.

Importance of contact location

We send out a survey to our customers after a couple of months. The feedback that we have received is that multiple contact areas for the red or active lead produces better results. The best results obtained were with copper footpads and copper paddles together. The poorest results are from placing the ground or return electrode (green wire) against any part of the body. Hold the ground electrode / return electrode away from the body. This would be true for any and all zappers. Not just ours.

What do the indicators mean on the ParaZapper6-Pack and CC2

The Power LED should be Yellow to Orange when the unit is working correctly. If the unit stops working, the LED will turn RED or GREEN.

Also, this LED will dim slightly when you get good conductivity.

Try this, lay the wrist straps appart from each other and turn the unit on. While watching the LED, momentarily touch the 2 metal pads to each other. The LED will dim and shift toward RED in color. This is maximum current output. Now try putting one wrist strap on 1 wrist and touching the other to your other wrist without any moisture. The LED will probably not dim. Next try it with just a paper towel damp with tap water. You might get some dimming of the LED ( this depends on the salts in your tap water ). As a next test try the same test with the saline solution. You will see the difference.

For your last test, try the same with the copper handholds. They work much better.

The Low Battery LED will turn RED when the battery is lower than needed.

Zapper Videos

These videos were produced by a customer.

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